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Commissioned Caricature for a Retirement

Caricatures make great gifts for commemorating special events. This one was commissioned for a recent retiree.






Having our EssexArt ABC caricaturist at you next private, corporate or collegiate special event, party or reception, will liven up the experience for your attendees. It will also provide them with a lasting memento of the event that could very well end up framed and hanging on their wall. Since our caricatures are done on paper that has been custom prepared for your event and can include the theme of the event or a company logo, long term positive exposure is a benefit enjoyed by many.

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  Doing caricatures at an  annual college event. The caricatures are being done on paper that has been specially prepared for the event. This gives greater visibility for the event and the sponsor who hired our caricaturist.




 Caricatures done at a private birthday party



Commissioned Caricatures

  Besides doing caricatures at special events, EssexArt also accepts commissions to do full-color caricatures. These can be used as gifts, recognition of achievements, retirements, graduations and just about any other reason one can think of.

 Would a child you know like to see what a baseball trading card of him or her looks like?

 Would the new president of your fraternal order appreciate a humor inspired memento?

 As the owner of your small business, put a friendly face on your advertisements!

 The sky really is the limit! 




 A couple of local Shriners Clubs annually commission an EssexArt full-color caricature. These make great presentations recognizing an office and the interests and accomplishments of the subject.






 Caricature commissioned by a cigar shop owner.
I've said it before, I'll say it again. Shriners make for some of the very best caricaturing subjects. Every one of them... good humored, fun loving men with big hearts for children in need of the free medical services their hospitals provide. 


 Caricature done on unconventional (for a caricature) surface.


  Caricatures don't have to be done only on paper to hang on a home or office wall. Here is an example of caricatures done on a pair of cornhole game boards. Each game board is wood, 2 feet x 4 feet, done in acrylic paint and protected with 4 coats of clear acrylic varnish.



Still from a video shot at a Business to Business networking event.
The EssexArt ABC, LLC sign at the
Chocolate, Blues & Business networking event last June in Indianapolis, Indiana.
During the event I was able to share with business owners how EssexArt ABC, LLC can promote their business, expand their business exposure and add to the friendliness of their business brand.
This is a still from a video shot by I Got 2 Know. (http:/.../


Still more examples

Caricaturing poolside at a special event at an outdoor public pool in Plainfield, Indiana.



Special Event Caricaturing

Caricatures done at the Murat Shrine Circus, Indianapolis, Indiana.



Wedding Reception Caricature

 Example of caricaturing done at a wedding reception.

The area for the 11"x14" drawing contains a photo of the happy newlyweds then attendees are drawn in behind a ribbon. There is also a place at the side of the paper where I inserted a photo of the newlyweds and a message from them to all who attended.


Yes. I clean myself up for doing caricatures at wedding receptions. :-)



Convention Caricaturing

Amy Jo and Dustin at an FFA National Convention. Caricaturing was sponsored by The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

This caricaturing provided a great way for the university to get their brand in the hands of potential students... and all but guaranteed the brand would be displayed, and photocopied, for continual distribution and display.




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