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Garry, graphite on paper. 2010, 8"x 10".

While browsing the Facebook page titled Hogeye Navvy Fans, I came upon this photo. It is a picture of Hogeye Navvy bodhran player and vocalist Garry Farren. Something about the photo struck me and consequently I created this graphite work from it. Before posting it I made sure I had permission from the photographer.





Churchill, graphite on paper, 2010, 8"x 10".

 I've been experimenting with rubbings for a couple of years and really enjoy making them. Though I'm not at the potential I believe they hold for whatever it is I'm searching for, I'm continually drawn (no pun intended) to them in a way I refuse to ignore.


The Baptist Preacher's Daughter / Haitian Girl at Cistern.

graphite on paper, 16" x 21", 2010

While in Haiti years ago to paint some murals during a mission trip, I saw the daughter of the Pastor of the Titanyen Baptist Church, Titanyen, Haitii getting water from a cistern. I have been wanting to create something from that scene ever since... and finally did.


Point Within a Circle, oil on masonite, 36" x 24", 2010. 

For some time I had been haunted by the desire to grab some oil tubes and spread them around on this masonite surface I had prepared. This work was done with a trowel and by hand squeezing paint from it's tube. The whole process was very therapeutic/meditative. I plan to do more work in this manner and method.


A Pair of Pipers, graphite on paper, 8" x 10", 2011

 While spending some time on Ft. Myers Beach (Florida) it was always fun watching these little birds. They were constantly busy at the edge of the water, beaks in the wet sand, looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner... and between meal snacks.



Small Piper, Ft. Myers, Florida, graphite on paper, 8" x 10", 2011


Chillin' on the Beach, Sanibel Island, Florida, graphite on paper, 8" x 10", 2011

While I was chillin' on Sanibel Island, these people were too.


 Great Blue Heron Portrait, graphite on paper, 8" x 10", 2011

I like large birds and Great Blue Herons can stand pretty tall. This particular one was not as shy as these birds normally are and allowed me to get pretty close to him. I was strolling on a beach on Sanibel Island, Florida on the northern edge of the Gulf-facing beach. This big fella flew over and landed very close to me, so I walked a little closer to him.




Guarding the Meal, graphite on paper, 8" x 10", 2011

Though they are graceful fliers and appear in a lot of serene images, sea gulls are fiercely aggressive and competitive. This one, on Sanibel Island, Florida, was standing guard over a shell that it apparently believed had some edible parts left in it.




Reader, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, graphite and color pencil on paper, 8" x 10", 2011.

A favorite pastime on the quieter part of any beach is being able to catch up on some reading. As I was taking advantage of the hospitality of the Bay Mar Beach Club I spied this nearby reader as I looked north from where I was lounging.



Ice Cream Time on Ft. Myers Beach, graphite on paper, 8" x 10", 2011.

While spending some time on Ft. Myers Beach in Florida I spied this vendor. I usually like to spend my time on this beach on a less busy part of it. Periodically I'll walk a little north to where there is more beach activity just to see what is happening there. On one of those jaunts I saw this hard working man pushing this cart in the hot sun up and down the beach trying to sell the frozen treats he had in it. If I was doing that I'm afraid I'd try to stay cool by consuming all of the inventory.


Sandpiper, Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, graphite on paper, 8" x 10", 2011.

Sandpipers on the beach supply endless entertainment with the way they are constantly busy. Maybe that is why I find them so fascinating. I go to the beach to relax... sandpipers are working the whole time they are there.




Great Blue Heron, Manatee Park, graphite on paper, 8"x 10", 2011

On a recent trip to Florida I visited Manatee Park in Ft. Myers. As I was looking in a canal searching for Manatees, I noticed a Great Blue Heron looking in the canal too. I was trying to see big, slow moving mammals... this bird was looking for small, fast moving fish. My search was for enjoyment, the bird's search was for survival.




Cannon, prismacolor and watercolor on paper, 11" x 15".
This was done a while ago. I was in Memorial Park in Newcastle, Indiana to work en plein air. While searching for subject matter I came upon this old cannon sitting silently on a concrete slab. I thought I'd do a work that had a lot of action in it to pay homage to the work this noble weapon did long ago as it thundered while protecting our doughboys during battle.
After working all day on this, I asked a park employee, as I was leaving the park, if he knew any history on the cannon since there was no plaque near it. He told me all he knew was that it was a German cannon that was captured during World war I.
So much for an artists romanticizing.



Garden Bench in Lockerbie Square, watercolor on paper




Lee the Straw Market Lady, charcoal on paper, 11" x 14".

Once while in a straw market in Nassau, I saw this lady (named Lee) weaving a thin ribbon into a straw hat in an effort to customize it. She also had a tropical shirt hanging in her booth I wanted to buy. Part of my bargaining with her was she had to agree to let me take some pictures of her working along with the price we settled on the shirt. Lee didn't mind that at all. In fact, she seemed really tickled by the whole thing. I didn't have my camera with me at the time so I had to go back to my villa to retrieve it. When I returned to take some photos, Lee and the other ladies there appeared very surprised, and tickled some more, that I actually came back to take the photos.




Cable Beach Cannon, watercolor on paper, 9" x 14". Painted en plein air

Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas. There is something about cannons that I find very appealing. As they sit quietly the old ones seem to be resting in retirement and the new ones seem to be anxious to be put to use.
This old one sits in retirement in a surprising spot, a round-a-bout in a Cable Beach neighborhood. When I first started painting it I learned very quickly that the spot where I was standing was already occupied by a colony of fiercely protective ants. While I focused on painting the cannon, they focused on climbing, then chewing, on me.


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Coffee Mess,watercolor pencil, color pencil on gessoed paper, 10" x 15". 1999.

 It was a lot of fun to paint this "homage" to the time-worn battle of knowing when to say when.









Clyde the Shriner Camel

8" x 10", Inktense watermedia pencils and archival ink on watercolor paper.
This was a fun illustration that was done to commemorate a specific situation/event. It was so much fun to create this illustration and accompanying limerick that I plan to offer doing these with, custom limericks, to others who wish to commemorate a Shrine situation/event in the same way.

Visit my store page to order one of these for a Shriner friend or for yourself.




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